Bangla Language and Literary Society, Singapore

BLLS COVID-19 precautionary measures from 22nd Feb onward / Issue Date- 21/02/2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, BLLS strongly urges all Parents and Students to take precautionary measures to maintain high standards of sanitation and personal hygiene to prevent the transmission and spread of the infections. The following measures will remain in place at both BLLS campuses (BP and PR).


1. We will keep our Kindergarten campus (AKC, Hill view Terrace) closed for another weekend 22nd Feb as a precautionary measure. We will update you on this in the following week again.

2. BLLS will engage additional cleaning resource and personnel in the campus to maintain the high standard of hygiene.

3. Parents will not be allowed to go beyond the school entrance at both the campuses. For P1/P2, K1/K2 (PR Campus) teachers will be at foyer area to receive the students. Temperature check will be carried out. Parents’ entry will be strictly controlled. No parking will be allowed.

Only Pasir Ris campus students need to bring the travel declaration form (attached) filled-up and submit at the school entry.

4. Each student must bring a working oral digital thermometer for his/her own temperature measurement.

5. We request the parents/students to stay off-campus who are not feeling well with fever, cough, and runny nose. They should stay at home and have a rest.

6. Students will directly go to class by 8:45 am as there will be no assembly and no gathering outside or in canteen area will be allowed.

7. If any student returns from China in the last 14 days, please comply with the MOH’s guidelines of taking leave of absence.

8. If any student is detected with fever or coughing or runny nose, school management will immediately isolate him or her. The parent will be informed.

9. We have also provided separate guidelines to our Teachers on the same issue.

We are passing through an extraordinary time. BLLS is highly committed to keeping our kids safe and that is the most PRIORITY task at this moment. Our earnest request to you please have patience and co-operate with Local school Authority and BLLS volunteers while they exercise their due diligence at the school entry. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Kind regards