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BLLS: Campus for Enrichment Students

Our Ref: BLLS/SEC 2019-2020/14, NL SN: 809

Date: 22 March 2020


Dear Parents and Members,


You might be aware that in view of current COVID 19 situation and its threatening outbreak, Ministry of Education (MOE) has issued a series of directives to the best interest of all students of Singapore. BLLS School has already enforced a number of measures to protect and safeguard our students. Weekly updates on COVID 19 were sent through emails and updated in our Facebook Page and website.

MOE/BTTSAL, in their guideline advised all Community Groups to inform them with seating plan of each students. BTTSAL has informed us that our Enrichment Students (those are not taking classes in MOE Schools) to be segregated from the rest with immediate effect (i.e.: 29 February 2020 / Saturday). Therefore, In search of a new campus, a number of venues were visited. Among other issues, health, hygiene and convenience to public transport were set as primary criteria for venue selection.

Finally, the Management Committee selected such a place for enrichment students which has a conducive environment with the air-conditioned room, smart board, custom made chair/tables etc. at the following location:

PSB (STEM) Academy, Jackson Square, 11 Lorong 3, Toa Payoh, Blk A, #01-01, Singapore 319579.

Regular Bengali enrichment programme has already been started with cheerful students taking their lessons in the scholastic environment of the new campus. Heartfelt thanks to parents, teachers and students for their co-operation and support. Kindly refer to the attachment for TP campus details.

Mother-tongue reinforces values, cultural roots over generations. Being a volunteering non-profit organisation, BLLS remain focused to its commitment in teaching and promoting Bangla Language & literature to the young learners. You are cordially requested to encourage Bengali Community Members to get their kids admitted into BLLS.


Note: BLLS PSB TP Campus maintains COVID-19 precautions as per MOE and MOH guideline. School is presently closed from 21st March to 4th April 2020 as per BTTSAL directives.

* Please see the picture of PSB Campus from below link:

Thanks and Best Regards,

Samir Chandra Das,


Bangla Language and Literary Society, Singapore

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