Bangla Language and Literary Society, Singapore

West Campus

Greenridge Primary School
11 Jelapang Road
Singapore 677744

East Campus

Meridian Secondary School
31 Pasir Ris, Street 51
Singapore 518901

Jurong East Campus

Block: 135, #04-329

Jurong East Gateway Road
Singapore 600135

Frequently Asked Questions on
BLLS Payment Structure

1. How much is the annual membership fees of BLLS?
Answer: $30 per year per member.


2. How much is the tuition fees of BLLS School Students?
Answer: $30 per month for Primary Level. $35 per month for Secondary and A Level.


3. What is International Student (IS) Surcharge?
Answer: International Student surcharge is applicable for students who are studying in local school but not SC or SPR. IS surcharge is not applicable for international school students either.


4. How much is IS surcharge?
Answer: $30 per month.


5. Why my child/ward has to pay $30 per month as IS surcharge?
Answer: BTTSAL charges $400 per year for each international student studying in local school. BLLS recovers $360 per year for each approved IS students by charging $30 per month ($30×12=$360). Remaining $40 is topped up by BLLS.


6. I have noticed multiple GIRO deductions are made from my account every month. Am I paying more?
Answer: If your child/ward is an International Student, two GIRO deductions are made from your account each month. One is for monthly tuition fees ($30 for Primary Level, $35 for Secondary Level)) and the next is for international student surcharge ($30). Besides bus fees may be charged from your account if your child/ward avails BLLS School bus service.


7. How many GIRO deductions are made for SC or SPR students?
Answer: Once every month. Because, IS surcharge is not applicable for SC or SPR students.


8. I have two children studying in BLLS School. Is it possible to make single GIRO deduction for both children?
Answer: As per our current system, GIRO deduction is made for each student. If you have two children, two GIRO deductions will be made every month. In addition to that IS surcharge (depending on residence status of you ward) or monthly bus fees may be charged from your account.


9. Can I pay bus service fees through GIRO?
Answer: Yes, you can. Bus service fees is $40 per month. This is applicable only for those availing bus to/fro BLLS school.


10. What is the preferred mode of transaction?
Answer: Members and parents are encouraged to transact through GIRO. As this is easy and efficient mode of making payment. However, you may visit BLLS school of your convenience
(either Bukit Panjang or PasirRis) during school operating hours to make payment in cash.


11. Should I receive receipt upon making cash/cheque payment?
Answer: Yes, you must receive payment receipt. Without receiving proper receipt DO NOT make cash/cheque payment to anyone.



  • FAQ is applicable for Primary, Secondary and A Level Students.
  • SC = Singapore Citizen, SPR = Singapore Permanent Resident
  • Our Contact:,