Bangla Language and Literary Society, Singapore

West Campus

Greenridge Primary School
11 Jelapang Road
Singapore 677744

East Campus

Meridian Secondary School
31 Pasir Ris, Street 51
Singapore 518901

Jurong East Campus

Block: 135, #04-329

Jurong East Gateway Road
Singapore 600135

Mesage from Vice President (Academic)

Dear Members & Parents,


Quest and innovation are the key driving forces behind the development of human civilization. Insightful thinking helps people to learn and create new things. Education guides novices’ to think in the right direction. Mother-tongue is helpful for gaining true knowledge and education. Therefore, mother tongue practice and its importance is immense. Childhood is the ideal time to absorb any language. A human child remembers a long what he learns in his childhood. It is like roots, which grow deeper with time. School is one of the means of education after home, where children develop in a beautiful environment, in a systematic manner. In an ideal school, children are flowering among hundreds of buds under the gentle shadow of loving teachers. It’s like a garden where trees grow and blossom, spreading fragrance in the neighbourhood. BLLS School is an institution where knowledge is flowing like a river and enlightening the society. For years, it is helping the community by providing mother tongue education to the Bengali new generation. I feel privileged to be associated with such a wonderful organization and to serve the community. 


Humans shine in their thoughts, consciousness, and values. Over the years, the Bengali are glowing with the language, literature, and culture of their forefathers. Any language that is locked and opposes time, disappears over the period. Bengali is such a language that has retained its heritage of thousand years through its individuality, flexibility, and generosity to embrace anew. With the same spirit, even after leaving their motherland, the glorious children of Bengal have cherished their mother tongue abroad with utmost sacrifice and dedication. Today we carry forward a continuum that our pioneers created, and to whom we are most grateful.


BLLS Bangla School is unique in its quality, advanced educational programs, and experience. With a group of dedicated and skilful teachers & staff, volunteers, committed students, and parents, this school has become one of Singapore’s premier mother-tongue education centres. The long journey this institution made so far was not easy. It can be assumed that there will be adversity in the future. In the midst of this cycle of ups and downs, we have to stay positive and move forward. I strongly believe that as a Team, we’ll succeed. ‘BLLS school is our Bangla school’ with this slogan, I would seek all of your kind co-operation in our journey to connect our children with their roots. It will be a great success to see our new generation nurturing Bengali in their heart, and achieve the best results in school examination.


In this opportunity, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the past and present committee members of BLLS, all volunteers, teachers, parents, and students for their extraordinary effort and contributions to the community.


Kind Regards,

Samir Chandra Das

Vice President (Academic), BLLS Management Committee 2023-2024 

Chairman, School Sub-Committe