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School Chairman's Message

This is a great pride to pen down the message for the BLLS (Bangla Language and Literary Society) School website. As the school is stepping into its 25th year, it is the endeavour of BLLS to portrait the academic of Mother Tongue Bengali, a journey of joy and discovery.


Research shows that children who have a strong foundation in their home language are more successful at school than monolinguals and enjoy a greater feeling of self-worth and identity. (UNESCO)


BLLS School aims to create an environment and ambiance that fosters learning as it provides the students with equal opportunities to explore and grow by challenging and reinforcing their abilities in mother tongue. I do welcome parents and students to be part of the BLLS family to share common ideas and aspirations. I envision our students grow up embracing their cultural heritage that opens up connections to their roots.


In present era of Information and Technology, the school website is the best platform to showcase the school activities, news, curriculum, plans and achievements to the outside world with a single click of the mouse. It also works as a communication tool between the school and community.


I would request all the parents to inculcate self-discipline in their children and spend some quality time and motivate them to learn Bengali. I would expect our teachers to prepare students to retain a positive attitude toward their mother tongue and cultural background and perform as well as other mainstream subjects.

The strong sense of commitment, volunteer-service and responsibility taken by the Management Committee and Sub-Committee, Vice Principals, Teachers, Admin Staffs, Parents and Students have transformed the school into a significant source of Bengali learning today. I extend my warm wishes to ALL to continue this journey on the road of excellence.


Kind Regards.


Habib M I Zaman

School Chairman

BLLS Management Committee 2019-2020