Bangla Language and Literary Society, Singapore

West Campus

Greenridge Primary School
11 Jelapang Road
Singapore 677744

East Campus

Meridian Secondary School
31 Pasir Ris, Street 51
Singapore 518901

Jurong East Campus

Block: 135, #04-329

Jurong East Gateway Road
Singapore 600135


Dear Parents and Students

Welcome to the Bangla Language and Literary Society (BLLS) website that seeks to provide you useful information on our BLLS school programs, policies, and various cultural and extra-curricular activities.

In line with Singapore’s policy of promoting mother tongue education, the school was founded in 1994 under the umbrella of BLLS, with a view to provide quality education in Bengali language to our children following standards set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and administered by the Board for the Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages (BTTSAL). Over the years, we have evolved successfully with current enrolment of more than 600 students spread across three campuses (BP, PR, and JE) and today we are the leader of Bengali language and culture in the city-state Republic of Singapore.

I am proud to be the principal of this great institution and hope it can reach a new height of excellence with my long-standing experience of education in Singapore and abroad. More importantly, as a Singaporean of Bangladesh origin, I have serious interest in Bengali language, and I firmly believe that a strong foundation in mother tongue will equip children with critical thinking necessary to excel in additional languages including English and other subjects. Besides, language proficiency also plays an important role in the development of personal and cultural identity. Children with strong foundation of mother tongue is likely to have a deeper understanding of themselves and their place within the society. They are also likely to have an advantage in job market in future as multilingualism is a highly sought-after attribute in today’s globalized world. Not to forget, Bengali is spoken by 230 million people globally, and it is the sixth largest in terms of “most spoken” languages in the world (The Ethnologue 2021).

BLLS school is a great place to learn and teach! Our teachers are well-qualified and committed to high quality learning experience focused on individual needs of each child. We are trying to be creative and innovative in our instruction to engage students in their learning through a variety of activities, applications of technology, and other relevant skills. Covid-19 has imposed a lot of challenges and we are getting ready to operate in this ‘new normal’. Our main goal is to help students achieve their dreams and find success in pursuing a prosperous career path. We are committed to providing the best possible educational program to our students and we believe that there are ample opportunities, both within our curricula and through extracurricular activities, for our students to gain the skills necessary for them to be successful in their lives after school.

Parents play a vital role in the education of their children, and they are indeed their child’s first and most important teachers. We happily welcome all our parents to take an active role in the education of their children and to be the active participants in our school activities. Please get to know our friendly staff, especially the child’s teachers and assist where you can so that we can work together in the interests of everyone. As the school’s principal, I am eager to work with all of you in supporting our children in their study. I will try my best to build strong parent- teacher relationship which remains paramount for the academic success of our students. Please come and talk to me whenever you have a question or suggestion. Thanks to all of you for your continuous support to BLLS school and Singapore’s Bengali community at large.

Sincerely yours,

Dr Habibullah Khan


BLLS School