Bangla Language and Literary Society, Singapore

President's Message

Bangla Language and Literary Society, Singapore (BLLS) has a mission and reputation that has made it a leader in the field of education of Bengali Language in Singapore. Our past leaders have laid a strong foundation nearly three decades ago with a team of highly motivated volunteers. The legacy of volunteerism continued. Over the years BLLS has attained its own position to a new height where service, recognition, reputation and excellence is distinctly visible.

It is a great honour for me to be a part of the BLLS team. I humbly take this as an opportunity to serve the organization and the Bengali community in Singapore. I am glad to have an excellent team of dedicated volunteers with me. I have full confidence on the team, who is capable of continuing the journey of BLLS that started in 1994 with a great expectation from the Bengali community in Singapore.

Excellence in language is only possible through excellent institutions. I am sure BLLS and it’s School are maintaining its prime quality to the expectations of the members of the community. Currently BLLS is teaching about Five Hundred students in its three campuses across the island. My heartfelt appreciation to the Teachers and Admin Staffs for their priceless efforts, understanding, support, guidance and contribution towards the education of our students.

Members are playing an important role by supporting the society in various ways, such as volunteering in school operation and cultural activities. Their cordial help with time and efforts has made BLLS a vibrant society and a distinguished place for the students who are learning Bengali language as a compulsory subject in Singapore’s national educational curriculum. We are grateful to our society members for their sincere contribution.

Singapore has just overcome the challenges of COVID19 pandemic. The Global crisis has created a new normal context that demanded dynamic skills and mindset. We are thankful to the previous committee, who helped the organization to sustain and adopt to the new environment.

We shall uphold the values of BLLS with the true spirit of volunteerism. Finally, I would request all for your support, dedication and insightful feedback during my tenure as the president of BLLS.

With Best wishes and Warm Regards,

A A M Hafizul Haider


BLLS Management Committee 2022-2023